Homestead Memory Game (Digital)

Homestead Memory Game (Digital)


The perfect homestead memory game for little homesteaders! This digital download includes 4 sets of cards. Two card sets of homestead ABC objects (with and without labels) to match with one another for younger kiddos. Older kiddos can use cardsets 1 and 3 to match the homestead object with its matching first letter. Or have your students match uppercase to lowercase letters with card sets 3 and 4.


This digital download includes 13 pages with printing instructions. I advise on printing these out cutting and laminating the cards for repeat use.


4 card sets included:

- 1 set of homestead objects with labels

- 1 set of homestead objects without labels

- 1 set of uppercase letters

- 1 set of lowercase letters.


ABC Objact Cards inclue:

A - Aphid

B - Burr Comb

C - Canning

D - Duckling

E - Elderberry

F - Fermentation

G - Garlic

H - Honey

I - Intercropping

J - Japanese Beetle

K - Kefir

L - Lard

M - Maple Syrup

N - Nesting Box

O - Offal

P - Pollinator

Q - Quail

R - Rain Barrel

S - Sourdough

T - Turmeric

U - Udder

V - Vermicompost

W - Wattle

X - Xanthophyll

Y - Yolk

Z - Zinnia


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