Cicada Unit Study (Digital)

Cicada Unit Study (Digital)

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Our goal is for your students is to gain a comprehensive knowledge of metamorphosis and a basic understanding of periodical cicadas, focusing on the now emerging Brood X.

This is a digital download, and not a printed product. Sale does not include any props in photography. Files will be sent to you after payment and check out.

This study is designed to be comprehensive but it’s up to you and your students just how in-depth you want to explore the topics.

This Unit Study covers topics in Science, Language Arts, Art, Math and Social Studies. This unit is filled with 45 pages of fun and hands on activities to make learning about cicadas fun! Projects can be adapted for both older and younger students and include a bug collection, sound waves experiment. While younger students that work on copy work, cicada bingo and coloring pages.

All artwork and designs include my original illustration and artwork. Please note that this resource is for your personal use only, not for resale or redistribution in any way.